Stocks on the Rise as Recession Declared

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The stock market has surged back to completely erase all the loses suffered earlier this year. The bears have gone away and a new bull market is taking place. Mike Reeves, financial advisor of Strategic Wealth Designers  joined the newscast to break down what is going on in the markets.  From certain stocks being a great buy right now, to highlighting the recession announcement by economists this week, Reeves said landscape right now is unprecedented.

“The economy is opening up, Wall Street has now become very bullish on things getting back to business as usual much sooner than the initial timeline expected.  Much of the grim forecasts for Covid-19 have turned out to be a lesser threat at this point,” Reeves said.  He believes unless a mass outbreak of Coronavirus were to jumpstart itself across the United States again, the worst for financial investors is behind us.  Consumers are showing a greater willingness to get back on airplanes as air travel has steadily picked up the last month and commute times have restarted with more workers going back to their offices.

Reeves says there still is time to potentially see some great value buys in stock market if you have some extra money set aside for investing. “Wealth Managers are jumping back into the market heavily right now, airline stocks, cruise ship stocks, hotels and attractions like Disney are all seeing big growth and you at home could consider opting putting some of your financial investments into some of the depleted stocks as well,” Reeves said.  To learn more positioning your financial plan and wealth management strategy visit

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