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Planning out your vacation is important especially if you are looking to save money on your next trip. Mike Reeves, financial planning advisor of Strategic Wealth Designers, shares different tips and tricks to planning your next vacation.

In order to save money on flights, Reeves states, “The first thing you want to do is you want to understand the best days for you and the flexibility. The key thing to understand is some people love Fridays but when it comes to travel, I love Tuesdays. So, the numbers say that Tuesday is going to be the cheapest day to fly in most instances.”

The last thing people want to think about while they are on vacation are their finances. Reeves explains how you can save money even when you get to your destination. He states, “As far as saving money once you are there it is the same thing as far as flights. If you are going on a vacation that is more exotic, however, you need to plan at least 12 months out because a lot of times there will be limited hotels and limited flights.”

Reeves also recommends doing your research before booking your next vacation. He states, “The one thing that I see a lot of mistakes being made is not doing your homework. People will go and post wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites. If you read carefully you can find some things to help you avoid that hotel room in a rough area or the flight that has a long layover.” He also recommends looking into AAA or AARP if you are a member to take advantage of those discounts.

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