Stranger saves man from fiery truck

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KOKOMO, Ind. -- A Kokomo man credits good timing and a goodhearted stranger for saving his life.

Tuesday afternoon, Greg Mund was on his way to go mow a lawn. He got just a few miles from home when he knew he and his truck were in trouble.

“There was fire here. There was fire over here, just shooting out. I thought it was getting really bad,” said Mund.

Mund was standing in front of his truck with the hood open while the black smoke and flames were pouring out.

“I was trying to get everybody’s attention and trying to get everybody to stay away and to help me because I needed help.”

A passerby called 911 and another, more prepared passerby pulled over.

“That’s when the gentleman in the white utility van had his fire extinguisher and he doused it out for me,” said Mund.

When the firefighters arrived , the fire was pretty much out and that stranger was gone.

“He came in and did his thing. He told me to not breathe in the powder and he told me to back up a little bit and he left,” said Mund.

Firefighters told Mund because the truck had a full tank of gas and from where the fire started, this was more than a close call. The truck was seconds away from exploding.

“I’m very lucky, very lucky,” admits Mund.

Mund doesn’t know if that stranger is from Kokomo or if he just happened to be passing through the area.

“If he wasn’t there it could’ve been so much worse. So much worse,” said Mund.

That day, Mund didn’t have a chance to talk to that stranger in the white van, with the fire extinguisher who helped him. He hopes someday he will have that chance.

“If I ever get to meet him, I really appreciate what he did and thank you,” says Mund.

Since this accident, Mund intends to keep a fire extinguisher in his car just in case anything like this happens again.

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