Storms damage farms, homes in Decatur County


Photo credit Letts Community Vol. Fire Dept.

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LETTS, Ind. – The National Weather Service will send two meteorologists to Decatur County to survey the damage left behind by a weekend storm.

The Letts Community Fire Department says a six-mile stretch from the community of Horrace to Harris City saw the most impact.

Several agricultural buildings lost their roofs, including one 4000-unit hog building.

The damage was worse for other farms. Two barns built in the 19th century were leveled, leaving debris scattered across fields.

“I’m just glad nobody was hurt, and all the stuff can be replaced,” says Letts Community Fire Chief, Matt Morrow. He estimates that the storm left behind an expensive mess. “Into the millions. Especially all this agricultural buildings, the roofs ripped off of them. I would say into the millions.”

Decatur County EMA will come out on Monday to make an official assessment.

The storm also damaged homes in the area. One home was destroyed when the roof was ripped off. No one was there at the time.

Morrow believes the damage was the result of a tornado. The National Weather Service will determine if that was the case, or if the damage was done by straight-line winds.

The fire department is also warning those affected to be on the lookout for scammers.

“We see this a lot when storms come through,” says Morrow. “Storms chasers coming in trying to make a quick buck, contractors not reputable.”

He says not to sign anything. Instead, contact the insurance company first.

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