We are one month away from Thanksgiving! This year, the holidays will be more expensive because of food inflation.

The cost of food climbed over 11 percent in September. Grocery stores and local shops are already seeing customers placing their holiday orders early.

“People started placing their orders a little bit earlier than I’m used to this year so I’m assuming that has to do with some supply concerns,” said Joseph Dugdale, co-Owner of Kincaid’s Meat Market.

Holiday meals are going to cost more this year. Uncooked turkeys prices are up 17 percent and processed fruits and vegetables are up 16 percent. 

Experts say there are a few ways you can save on your next shopping trip. Grocery stores, like Kroger, offer customer rewards programs to encourage you to shop there. They also have an app where you can clip online coupons. While it might not seem like much saving ten cents here or there, it can really add up.

Local shops, like Pots and Pans Pie Co., are offering discounts if you sign up for their newsletter. They’ve had to raise their prices slightly due to food inflation. 

 “Typically we only try to raise our prices once a year but this year, we raised it at the beginning of the year and really struggled with the food prices going up and up,”  said Clarissa Morley, owner of Pots & Pans Pie Co. “We’ve had to make adjustments throughout the rest of the year, which has been challenging.”

“We use all one farmer for our meat, eggs and dairy,” Morley said. “Those prices did increase.”

At Kincaid’s Meat Market in Broad Ripple, they’ve already started receiving Thanksgiving orders. Dugdale says ordering early won’t help you save any money but it can take away the stress closer to the holiday.

While prices have gone up slightly due to inflation, Dugdale says there are more than enough turkeys and they are not in short supply. “We price it where we need to price it to make the same amount of money we always have,” Dugdale said. “It just kind of stinks material costs went up, even cost of labor. When all of those things come together, there’s really nothing we can do but add price to it, even when it’s a low cost item.”