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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As the popularity of eCommerce grows so do the number of packages stolen from people’s porches in Central Indiana.

“It kind of is the Grinch syndrome,” Lawrence Police Department Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff said.

Now there are several things you can do to better your chances of getting the items you ordered online into the hands of your loved one safely this holiday season, but sometimes things just don’t work out.

In that the case, Woodruff says the first thing you should do is contact your local law enforcement agency.

“We strongly encourage people to contact local law enforcement when that does occur,” Woodruff said. “If nothing else to track where these (thefts) are occurring and if we need to dedicate additional resources to those areas we can certainly do that.”

Woodruff says his agency has had success with increased patrols in the past and the more people who report package thefts gives law enforcement a better chance of detecting trends and ultimately making arrests.

After contacting law enforcement following a stolen package, you should contact the carrier that delivered the package as well as the merchant you bought it from. Depending on who shipped the package, how much it’s worth and who you bought it from, officers will determine who’s ultimately responsible for a stolen package.

If your package is coming from FedEx, the company lets you file an EClaim here.  UPS  also allows you to file a claim online and a spokesperson says the company covers packages worth less than $100. If the item you had stolen is worth more than that, it depends on the retailer’s policy as well as the shipping options you chose at checkout.

Finally, if you are missing a package that is coming from the United States Postal Services, the agency has an entire division dedicated to missing mail.