It’s a chillier start to our Tuesday morning as temperatures have fallen to the low and mid 40s across the area. Indianapolis dropped to 45° which is the coolest we’ve been since May 2nd earlier this year. We keep sunny skies around again this afternoon but temperatures will be running ~10° average for this time of year. With the cooler start to the day and breezy northwest winds this afternoon, temperatures will only peak in the mid 60s today.

Dry conditions will persist through the week with abundant sunshine and temperatures that will stay below average for the next few days. It’s not until Friday that our afternoon temperatures will get back into the 70s.

We’re closely watching Hurricane Ian, which intensified to a category 3 hurricane early Tuesday morning. It moved over western Cuba as major hurricane with winds speeds of 125 mph. As this storm pushes north, it will likely gain strength as it crosses the warm Gulf waters. This storm reach winds speeds greater than 130 mph later today, which would classify it as a category 4 hurricane. The location this storm will make landfall over Florida is still unclear, but latest guidance is narrowing in on the region near Tampa Bay. Landfall is expected along the coast of Florida by Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.

Once this storm makes landfall over Florida, it will weaken rapidly as it travels north. Remnants from this system are possible here late into the weekend and early next week. However, a slight change in this path could significantly change if we see rain and how much. Stay tuned!