State takes action against home inspector investigated by CBS4

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Five months after CBS4 Problem Solvers exposed a home inspector’s criminal past, the state has taken action against him.

Multiple customers say they paid Anthony Maxie to do home inspections on homes they were buying, but he never delivered any reports. Each described a similar scenario, saying the more they tried to contact Maxie, the more difficult it became to obtain anything from him.

“He disappeared. He would not return phone calls, text messages, or emails,” customer Robert Snellenberger said back in June.

At a hearing held before the Home Inspectors Licensing Board this week, Deputy Attorney General Amber Finley did not mince words against Maxie.

“(His) behavior has sullied the home inspection profession and he represents a clear and immediate danger to the public’s health, safety, and property,” Finley said.

In a petition filed by the state on October 31st, five customers accused Maxie of taking their money without delivering reports. The Professional Licensing Association also laid out Maxie’s history of criminal charges, first exposed by CBS4 Problem Solvers.

A representative said Maxie failed to disclose the charges, which include multiple DUI and drug-related convictions, as required by law, in both his initial 2013 application for a license and his 2016 renewal.

Two customers testified before the board, including Rhiannon Stavroules, who spoke to CBS4 Problem Solvers in August. At the time, she said she, like many other customers, chose to hire Maxie because of his advertised $199 special.

“I’m a single mom trying to get back on my feet with two kids. I was just trying to save money,” Stavroules said then.

Maxie did not attend the hearing because he remains in the Jackson County Jail, accused of violating home detention on a charge unrelated to his business. In August, when confronted by CBS4 Problem Solvers outside a courthouse, Maxie would not answer to the claims against him.

After hearing testimony, the board voted to suspend Maxie’s license for the maximum 90 days.

Finley called this a “first step,” saying the state planned to file a petition to revoke Maxie’s license permanently and get back money he owes to customers.

Stavroules and other customers told CBS4 Problem Solvers they were happy to hear Maxie won’t be allowed to work as a home inspector anymore.

“I feel good about it. Now he can’t rip anybody else off or hurt anybody else or take advantage of anybody else,” Stavroules said.

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