State leaders addressing looming housing crisis


INDIANAPOLIS — State leaders are sharing resources to help address what they call a looming housing crisis caused by the pandemic.

Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive order putting a pause on evictions was extended through the month of July. In June, the governor announced a state rental assistance program which will use $25-million that Indiana received from the CARES Act.

The goal is stabilize housing by giving Hoosiers up to $2,000 to cover their rent.

“A household is eligible for up to four months of assistance, and that four months can be any combination of previous months. So here we’re talking about rears, late fees that have accrued, etc. Or future months,” Matt Rayburn, Chief Real Estate Development Officer for the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority said.

You may be eligible for the program if:

  • You are a renter in Indiana who lives outside of Marion County.
  • You lost your job or part of your income due to the pandemic.
  • You are having trouble paying your rent and are worried about being evicted.
  • You are not receiving rental assistance from another source*.

The application for the state’s rental assistance program becomes available on July 13. To learn more about the program, visit

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