‘St’ArtUp 317’: Monthlong program pairs small businesses with vacant spaces in Indy


INDIANAPOLIS — A new program in downtown Indianapolis is pairing budding entrepreneurs and small businesses with vacant retail spaces to drive local shopping throughout the city.

The Indy Chamber launched St’ArtUp 317, a monthlong partnership bringing small businesses and the community together.

“The month of May in Indy is unlike any other time. We’re going to have new eyes and new feet,” said Catherine Esselman, director of St’ArtUp 317. “St’ArtUp 317 is a pop-up shop program focusing on first-floor commercial places downtown and around downtown.”

The program includes 30 brands in 11 locations, giving business owners the chance to see if a brick-and-mortar store would work for them.

“The whole month is a test. I have goals to see how it will go and two, just making plans for the future,” said Brittany Martin, CEO and founder of Enlighten and Love.

For Jasmine Ray, owner of Supermom Headquarters, the opportunity came at the perfect time.

“Last year threw everyone for a loop,” Ray said, referring to the pandemic. “There were a couple points I reached out to customers and said I don’t have capital to keep going. My customers came through and kept me going.”

Erica Scott, owner of Fly’s Nest, said this test will give businesses like hers a chance to get back on their feet and give a traditional retail space a try.

“Spaces are very expensive, so it’s great to do it for one month without that overhead to see if it’s sustainable,” Scott said.

To view the full list of businesses and locations, click here.

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