Standoff situation in Carmel ends with no charges or arrests


Scene (Photo By Patrick Lynch)

CARMEL — A six hour standoff situation in Carmel ended on Sunday with no criminal charges or arrests being made and police unable to make contact with the suspected resident.

According to the Carmel Police Department, the situation began at around 2:15 p.m. Sunday when the Carmel Fire Department was called to the 900 block of Brownstone Trace after neighbors reported smoke coming from a townhouse’s windows.

Carmel Fire Department originally reported a man with a shotgun was spotted by firefighters responding to the scene, which prompted a call to police and kicked off the six hour standoff.

According to Lt. James Semester with the Carmel Police Department, a shotgun was visible in the home when firefighters arrived but “there was no reason to believe there was any displaying of the shotgun in a threatening manner.”

Police said the situation evolved into a well-fare check attempt at this point, prompting police to shutdown nearby streets and create a perimeter as they attempted to make contact with the resident inside the townhouse.

Police stated they were aware of the resident having a history of mental illness due to previous police runs to the address.

Semester said SWAT negotiators were called in to make contact with the resident, but ultimately police never were able to establish any communication with the resident inside the townhouse.

Without further information to confirm any crime had been committed, Semester said police had no legal justification to enter into the townhouse.

“We have to respect the constitutional rights of everyone,” Semester said. “We have to protect our citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Semester added that though the police department did not feel the community was in danger, officers would remain in the area as a protective measure.

When asked about the large response of law enforcement to the scene if no crime had been committed, Semester said the response and the attempted negotiation was a public safety and security measure taken by the police department to insure community protection.

While police did not make contact with the resident inside the townhouse, police did state they believe the resident put out the fire which initially prompted the call to emergency responders.

Roads closed during the police response included Carmel Drive and Guilford and 116th Street and Guilford and Carmel Drive.

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