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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- It was standing room only at a special funeral service held on the near northwest side, honoring two late veterans.

58-year-old David Lamaster, an army veteran, and 60-year-old Harold Baker, a US Marine, both died this past month. Sadly, no family could be found.

Still, there wasn’t a single empty seat, nor a dry eye as people came to remember two men they never met.

“No matter whether you know a person or not, as decent human beings, we can honor one another,” said Wynne Berry, Lead Chaplain at Sprowl Funeral & Cremation Care.

Honoring one another, and honoring sacrifice. Inside the flag-draped caskets are two veterans with no family to lay them to rest.

“It’s sad for the deceased and it’s sad for the family,” said Ron Montague, Deputy Commander of the Indy Metropolitan Military Honor Guard. “It may not even be something they’re aware of, and that’s the sad part of it.”

Although these 2 names are unfamiliar, their sacrifice is recognized and their respect is earned. Their lives deserve to be remembered.

“We’re glad that we can still honor them so they’re not forgotten,” Montague said. “That’s what’s most important.”

Although unknown, the men in these caskets are not strangers to the veterans here today. These 2 men are family, and family will always be there.

“Collectively we are a family, whether we know you or not, we are all family,” Berry said.

“You don’t need to know each other’s names, we don’t need to know about our family’s, but we always know this… we are family,” Montague said. “We are brothers and sisters, and nothing will ever change that.”

Both of the veterans will be laid to rest Friday at Marion National Cemetery.