Spicy chicken nuggets return to Wendy’s menu


Wendy’s chicken nuggets (Photo credit Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Spicy chicken nuggets are back! They returned to the Wendy’s menu today earlier than we expected.

You may remember that Chance the Rapper begged the fast food chain to bring them back in May.

Wendy’s agreed to do so if their tweet got 2 million likes.

Of course, they hit that goal in just one day. So Wendy’s agreed, but they initially didn’t announce a release date.

Fast forward one month, and Wendy’s announced via Twitter that the nugs would return August 19.

But they made their return even sooner than we hoped! Just last Thursday, the company tweeted the nuggets would be available starting August 12.

It’s not clear how long Wendy’s will keep the nuggets on the menu, but if history tells us anything, they won’t be a permanent fixture.

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