Speeding up planter fasciitis recovery

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Foot pain sends close to 2,000,000 people to their doctors every year.  Many times the diagnosis is plantar fasciitis. There are any number of treatments.  And chiropractors have some options worth exploring.

Dr. Ted Matthews practices chiropractic in Avon, Indiana. He’s seen a number of patients with symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

“Most of the time you see it at the heel of the foot,” says Dr. Matthews. “It can cause pain for a long period of time.”

Dr. Matthews uses several tools and he’s likely to assign some “foot homework” to his patients. One of the better known tools is called a gwasha.  It scrapes the bottom of the foot and heel to break up adhesion.

“What we do is flex the foot,” says Dr. Matthews.  “And we take this tool and scrape down the sole of foot right down to the heel. That’s commonly where they get the pain.”

Plantar fasciitis strikes most people between the ages of 40 and 60.  More women than men get it. And it’s most commonly found in military personnel, dancers and those with a weight problem. It can take six months to go away.

“Arch support is key whenever you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, so there is a lot of take home work. We also  recommend orthotics to help maintain the arch area.”

A simple treatment is rolling a can under your foot. Massage can help.  Dr. Matthews says certain feet adjustments might help ease some of the pain too.  There is also a device called a thermostem probe.  It can emit heat or cold and has some of the scraping characteristics of the gwasha tool.

“We usually do both but this is preferable because it has the electrical stimulation too. And that can take some of the pain away,” says Dr. Matthews.

It does take several treatments to get a beneficial effect.  Dr. Matthews also recommends wearing a device at night that keeps your foot flexed.

For more on chiropractic techniques for plantar fasciitis contact Dr. Matthews at 317-272-4100


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