INDIANAPOLIS — State lawmakers return to the Indiana Statehouse for day two of a special session focusing on the future of abortion access and a proposal that would temporarily eliminate sales tax on utility bills and cap the sales tax on gasoline.

Testimony began on Monday by sides for and against a ban on abortion except in cases of rape, incest, and in instances of a “substantial permanent impairment in the life of the mother.”

Lawmakers will spend Tuesday discussing possible changes to the bill.

Right now, many anti-abortion groups are calling for a total ban in the Hoosier state.

Pro-abortion rights Hoosiers say the bill limits a woman’s ability to make a decision for herself.

A committee will also begin discussing a proposal for a six-month sales tax exemption on residential utilities and capping the gasoline tax rate at 29.5 cents a gallon until June 30, 2023.

The Republican author of the bill, State Sen. Travis Holdman, said the utility tax suspension would save Hoosiers across the state $260 million.

The bill would eliminate Governor Eric Holcomb’s plan to give each qualifying Indiana taxpayer a $225 refund.

“This concept [the utility sales tax and capped gas tax proposal] would benefit more people than the proposed taxpayer refund, and all of the savings would go to Indiana households,” said Holdman.

The inflation relief bill will first be taken up by the Senate Committee on Appropriations before it goes to the full senate.