INDIANAPOLIS — Many local Indianapolis businesses are still feeling the effects from the pandemic. However now, they are also feeling the pain from inflation and staffing shortages.

For Ted Pruitt, owner of Flashbacks family bar and grill on the southside, these issues are beginning to hit too close to home.

This past weekend, Pruitt had to shut down his restaurant during the busiest days in the food industry because he simply was too understaffed.

“Basically Saturday at six o’clock, I had nobody,” he said. “My day shift had worked enough so we needed to shut down at six o’clock on Saturday. I thought, okay, we’ll take the hit. Then Sunday, same thing.”

Pruitt and his wife, Marilyn, have never had to shut down their business before, leaving the couple feeling rather uneasy. “That’s when it started to get a little…You know, we’ve never had to close before so that’s when I started to get really nervous,” said Ted.

Like many other restaurants, Flashbacks is slowly raising menu prices to keep up with inflation. Ted told us that he had to raise his menu prices 2% due to the rising costs.

Although rising prices and staffing issues can be frustrating, Pruitt says the help Flashbacks has been receiving from the community is unmatched.

“We’ve got some customers that really look out for us,” he said. “Everything is different. It’s almost as everything is on trial each day. It’s ya know, how are we going to do it today?”

Flashbacks has seen an influx of applications after this past weekend when they had to close. Ted and Marilyn hope for the same application influx for all other local businesses in Indianapolis.