South side apartment residents demand answers after heating issues

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Since the start of this year, CBS4 has heard multiple complaints centered on one apartment complex on the city’s south side. Two more complaints have come in, in just the past week. Residents tell us problems are going unfixed. They say, with the recent cold temperatures, they’re going with barely any heat or none at all.

These neighbors say they’re fed up.

“It’s just horrible,” said Vonesia Tetrick.

Tetrick has been a resident at Stone Lake Lodge Apartments for less than a year.

Kristen Turner and Kane Smith are Tetrick’s neighbors. They all say, the staff doesn’t respond to their maintenance calls. They say they have a long list that needs fixed, most importantly their heat.

“I have a 5-year-old son and he gets so cold at night he has to cover up with five fuzzy blankets or he will freeze,” said Tetrick. “I have to crank it all the way up to 81 in order for it to even get warm.”

We used a thermal thermometer to see what these residents are dealing with. Turner and Smith, have it set to 74 degrees in their apartment. However, when reading their son’s room said it was 68 degrees.

“The lowest I’ve seen was I think 59 and that’s when I had my heat on, not auto, it was on.”

They’re concerned for when it gets colder outside. They say they just want a helpful response from the stone lake lodge staff.

“He didn’t care, he rolled his eyes and walked away and said I can’t do anything about it,” said Turner.

Tetrick says she’s tried to call too, but she gets nowhere.

“About 100-150 times actually, I’ve called the office. I’ve called maintenance myself. I even called the security.”

We called management to see what they had to say about the issues. We received two responses. During our first call, a leasing agent said she’s never heard of any major issues. When someone calls, maintenance is sent out, and repairs are made immediately. When we called back to see if someone would be available for an interview, another woman answered, she said no comment, and then hung up.

“I’m worried about my kids’ health, because this place isn’t doing anything to stop it. We’re going to have to take things into our own hands and do what we have to do,” said Smith.

Both households say they would move if they could, but to make it easier on their families they’d rather just get the issues fixed.

“Our electric bill is horrible because of it,” said Turner.

“You should be in a home where you feel comfortable, feel warm,” said Tetrick. “If it’s hot outside, you can turn your air on and not have any problems. If you need the maintenance out immediately, you can rely on that.”

Again, The Stone Lake Lodge Apartments declined to comment on the complaints. However, we did reach out to the Marion County Health Department regarding this complex. We’re told they have received various issues and complaints. Currently, there are 31 active cases being addressed. Seven of those cases are pending in court.

If you have no heat and your apartment complex does not resolve the issue with-in 24 hours, you should reach out to your Health Department for help.

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