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SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A woman from South Bend recorded a hilarious prank she played on her gullible husband, and it has since gone viral racking up millions and millions of views!

The video shows Marietta Tyks tell her husband Tommy Tyks she’s going to perform a magic trick and get a penny inside of a water bottle.

“When I say the magic words, the penny is going to go inside the bottle,” Marietta tells Tommy.

She then puts a towel over the bottle and says, “Woogey, boogey.” Afterwards, she tells Tommy to look inside the water bottle to see the penny.

When Tommy leans in to get a closer look, Marietta squeezes the bottle, squirting water into his face.

Tommy was a good sport, and the couple laughed and laughed about it.

Marietta posted the video on her Facebook page on Sunday, and it already has over 62 million views.