Some residents moving out of apartment complex recently plagued by crime

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Indianapolis, IN (February 11, 2015) – Another crime was reported Tuesday night at the Summerwood on Towne Line Apartments, near the intersection of W 86th Street and Township Line Road.

A man called Indianapolis Metro Police Tuesday evening, saying somebody broke into his unit in the 2600 block of Baneberry Lane.  That’s the same block inside the complex where a woman was robbed at gunpoint, and another was robbed and sexually assaulted two weeks ago.

The recent reports of attacks, robberies and burglaries is prompting several residents to get out of their leasing agreements and move out.

“I don’t feel comfortable staying here, just due to everything that’s going on,” said Krystin Johnson.  “And being a female, mainly, I don’t feel being safe here.”

Johnson had her own brush with crime just five days before the robbery and rape in the complex.  Her apartment was one of at least two units in the complex that were burglarized on January 22.

Last week, a young woman was able to escape a would-be robber who jumped into her car with her.  The woman, who does not want to be identified, is also planning to move out.  Her roommates are too.

‘We did talk to the leasing manager and he has let us out of our lease as of March 1st,” she said.  “We`re all planning on moving out earlier than that, as soon as possible.”

Both women say communication from Summerwood management has been vague.  A recent notice given to residents warned of “increased criminal activity,” but gave no details about the nature of the crimes.

“So I thought it was more cars getting broken into, not that people were getting robbed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted and things like that,” said the attempted robbery victim.

“The news and twitter is the only thing we have to know when there are break-ins or when someone is in someone’s car,” Johnson said.

Residents have been informed that property managers have brought in two security guards to patrol the property, and an outside property to repair several broken lights.

But residents also point out another problem: a front security gate which has been broken and sitting wide open for several months.

“Last time I remember them opening and me using my key was like back in November or December,” Johnson said.  “You know we pay a gate fee, key, and the gates are still open so whenever the apartment manager decides to fix them that will probably help some of the situations that`s going on.”

Several residents reported their cars broken into in December.  One of them belonged to the same young woman who escaped the would-be robber last week.

“And when I called to report that, they had told me that other people had called to report a similar thing,” she said.

Property managers said they were not allowed to comment or demonstrate recent efforts to upgrade security.  They referred Fox59 to a corporate office.  Calls to that office had not been returned late Wednesday afternoon.

IMPD says the complex is on their radar for extra patrols when possible.

No arrests or suspects from recent incidents have been announced.

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