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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – An  Indiana University student says her apartment is making her sick. The senior just moved into Evolve Bloomington this school year, the first year the complex has been open. She says that’s when she started feeling like she had the flu and bad migraines.

This is the second time we’ve reported on Evolve Bloomington. Back in August, the city fined the complex for allowing students to move in before the apartments passed city safety inspections. Now we’ve learned the complex was investigated for the presence of mold. One student, who doesn’t want to be identified, tells CBS4 this is as sick as she’s ever been, and she thinks the mold in her apartment is to blame.

“I moved in September 18th. A week after that I moved into there I had a respiratory infection, and I had to take a week off of classes because I had flu like symptoms. My chest was hurting, I had a fever, I was coughing, migraines.”

That was her second time moving in. During her initial August move-in, she discovered her bedroom floor was soaking wet. She along with other students were sent to hotels while crews investigated leaks.

The student contacted the regional manager of the parent company, CA Ventures, but she says they stopped answering her calls and responding to emails. A whistle blower sent us photos showing mold on materials used to build the property.

“At this point, I just want out my lease if they not gone do anything about it.”

So after no one returned our calls we paid them a visit. We didn’t see anything like what the pictures showed. We saw a very nice and well-decorated lobby. We were told the company didn’t currently have a comment and our contact information was passed on to the regional level.

So while we wait for a response, this student tells us she’s been sleeping on a friends floor and wondering why she just can’t get well—and who will do something about it.

“It hurts my feelings because nobody’s taking it seriously, and like I just been feeling real sickly ever since i moved into that apartment.”

The Housing and Neighborhood Development in Bloomington says they’ve gotten multiple calls about the complex. They went out to investigate and were denied entry because the company had their own industrial hygienist on the scene checking things out. The city went back, and the inspection by the outside company was up to their standards. But the city will go back out next month for a full inspection, and they say if need be, they’ll go back sooner than that.