Sogno Della Terra serves Turkish-styled baked goods in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ind. – Our neighbor to the south in Columbus, Ind., is full of delicious finds. Right on Washington Street downtown is an adorable, small artisan coffee shop that focuses on fresh baked goods and music!

Melissa Ammon is a beautiful songstress. Ammon opened Sogno Della Terra in April of 2013.

“We are Sogno Della Terra which means Dream of the Land or Dream of the Earth in Italian! We believe that every element like every human should be heard. We try to keep things simple. If you can think of every ingredient as a note, then everything put together can make a song,” explains Ammon.

The small spot right downtown Columbus serves French press coffee and makes every pastry in house.

There’s a Mediterranean-influence at Sogno Della Terra. Ammon wants her business to reflect the worldly culture in Columbus.

4 Things You Need to Know about Sogno Della Terra

  • Yelpers rave about this tiny artisan bakeshop and coffee house. Many reviews share that this is the best coffee shop in Columbus.
  • The family-owned small town coffee shop feel with a high end French cafe.
  • Sogno della Terra is known for their Turkish-styled baked goods and coffee.
  • Sogno della Terra serves coffee, breakfast and lunch, with one option everyday based on seasonal and local ingredients.

“We have the environment to bring things from everywhere, people can bring and share. But, still get a hug at the door,” says Ammon.

Adds Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy, “People want to see beyond things of meat and potatoes in Indiana!”

Smith says Yelpers love the international flavors and changing menu. There’s just one option each day for lunch and it’s based on seasonal and local ingredients.

All the pastries are under $3. The Yelp reviews highlight the cinnamon cream cheese bun, goat cheese tarts, Earl Tea scones and Prohibition breakfast sandwich.

“The combination that it is baked, makes it crispy crunchy and yet soft and tender on the inside,” says Ammon.

Check out Sogno Della Terra on Yelp here.

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