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COLUMBUS, Ind. (February 16, 2015) – Snowy and slick roads caused big problems on the state’s roadways.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, emergency responders were called out to nearly 370 crashes and 125 slide-offs.  Fortunately, none of the accidents involved fatalities.

A day of bad weather means good business for Steve Eubank’s towing service.

“Just keep on doing what we got to do to get things done,” explains Eubanks.

ISP told us there were two accidents involving drivers rear-ending DOT salt trucks.

“If people would just slow down and give us plenty of room because we have the salt coming out. You get too close it’s probably going to ding your windows and everything like that so just stay back,” explains Mike Halsey, a DOT driver.

Full crews will hit the roads starting at 4 o’clock Tuesday morning to help access the bus routes and decide if it’s safe enough to have school.

Several businesses had slower than normal days because of the weather.  Our crews spotted one Waffle House employee who took spent his downtime outside.

“Shoveling.  (I’ve) been out twice. First time was just our sidewalks and now I’m out doing our parking lot as much as I can before my shift ends,” explains Joshua Gregg.