Skyline ride reopens at Indianapolis Zoo


Indianapolis Zoo Skyline ride from July 2015.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Skyline ride at the Indianapolis zoo reopened Friday after a recent incident where two cars became stuck on the ride with people on board.

The incident occurred on June 19.  There were two adults and a child in the first car, and the other car had one adult and one child inside. Everyone was able to get off the ride safely and no injuries were reported.

Zoo officials say the ride underwent rigorous evaluation by engineers. They found all safety and security systems engaged when a small drive bolt became sheared. Multiple  drive bolts connect to the wheel that propels the gondola.

“In addition to several hours of daily safety checks already underway on the Skyline, technicians will also now conduct a daily check of all wheel bolts,” the zoo said in a release.

Similar incidents have occurred over the past few years.

In October 2014, six guests were rescued from the ride after two cars got stuck. It closed in July 2015 after a mechanical problem caused it to stop and trap some riders. Eight riders had to be rescued. The ride reopened in July 2016.

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