SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — Nina Crane is the woman identified as the victim in a Shelby County death investigation over the weekend. Court documents say the man charged in this case, 42-year-old Jarrod Procell, was under an active protection order from Crane.

Deputies were called on Saturday afternoon in reference to a woman lying in the driveway in the 5000 block of Smithland Road. The woman was found to be deceased and had suffered some sort of trauma, according to investigators.

According to court documents, Procell became the person investigators were looking for after learning of past domestic violence involving Procell, the active protection order and FLOCK police cameras picking up his license plate and damage to his vehicle several times.

Investigators said they found glass and plastic at the scene believed to be from a vehicle’s tail lights. Court documents also state family members told law enforcement Crane and Procell had a violent relationship in the past.

Once in custody, court records say Procell admitted hitting Crane with his vehicle. Investigators say Procell never called 911, never provided aid to Crane, left the scene of the accident and never provided information at the scene.

Procell is now charged with Failure to Return to Scene of an Accident Resulting in Death, but the prosecutor said additional charges could be added.

Prosecutors are also seeking the habitual offender enhancement citing three previous felony convictions.

Remembering Nina Crane

Nina’s older sister Tiffanie Spurlin said the family’s heart is broken after the news of Nina’s death.

“She had a heart of gold, would do anything for anyone and was absolutely a perfect mother,” Spurlin said.

Another sister said she was the best person anyone could meet. Spurlin said Crane inspired people to be a better person.

“Even in her darkest moments in her life her heart was so pure and so made of gold that she made everybody want to do better and she saw the good in everybody, and you wanted to do better because she saw that good,” Spurlin said.

Spurlin said even though she and Crane were adopted into different homes, their adoptive parents always made sure they had a relationship.

“Her adoptive parents Nancy and Art were really her parents,” Spurlin said. “They raised her since she was young and did a wonderful job. I had two parents that adopted me, Jan and James, and they were absolutely wonderful and with those four they thought it was important for the sisters to stay connected and be able to see each other.”