Sidewalks, bike paths affected by summer construction project

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CARMEL, Ind. (July 22, 2015) – A construction project in Hamilton County has workers tearing up the sidewalks along a busy stretch of 146th Street.

They’re large sidewalks, more like bike paths, and the county’s bringing them up to date with larger ramps at every intersection to bring them in line with the latest federal disability standards.

But in the middle of summer, it means it’s pretty hard for people to use those paths in the meantime.

“The majority of what you’re seeing along 146th street right now at these various intersections is intended to bring that corridor up to current ADA standards,” said Hamilton County highway director Brad Davis.

Still, some neighbors say the county’s project is a little inconvenient.

“It’ll be nice to have it done,” said Marisa Anderson. “The problem is when you’re coming off 146th street, there’s no construction sign to say you need to slow down, even more because the traffic is completely blocked, you can hardly get into the subdivision.”

“I know there’s inconvenience with any construction and we apologize for the inconvenience,” said Davis. “The intent of the project is to properly install those handicap ramps and make the modifications needed to be in compliance.”

“A little planning ahead might have prevented all this ruckus,” said resident Steve Swanson. “It’s good they’re doing it, but I’d rather have them do it right the first time.”

Elsewhere in Carmel, a city project involving bike paths just wrapped up, opening up two new east-west routes that hadn’t been convenient for bicyclists in the past.

One of the new trails is along Smokey Row, the other is on Main Street.

“They’re not totally complete but they’re usable so we see people on them every day,” said David Littlejohn, alternative transportation coordinator for the City of Carmel. “We think it’s a great improvement to the area and a good amenity for the community.”

As for the project on 146th street, the work at each intersection only takes a few days. They’re working their way down the street, and county officials say they should be done with the work fairly soon.

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