Shutdown Day 35: IRS workers feeling the impact

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Today marks the 35th day of the partial government shutdown, and Hoosiers are feeling the ripple effect as those in Washington remain gridlocked.

Any other year,  Duncan Giles says he and his coworkers at the IRS would be getting ready for their busy season.

Right now though, he’s one of the hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed and not receiving a paycheck.

“I’ve got folks that don’t have money for medicine don’t have money for gas to go to work when they’re called back, don’t have money for childcare, for their mortgages, don’t know what they’re going to do,” Giles, who is also president of NTEU chapter 49, said.

Some IRS workers though are being forced back to their desks with tax-filing season almost upon us.

“Not only are they having to go into work with no money, but it costs them more for gas, for childcare, for taking food to work or buying food at a restaurant, which they don’t have the money to do,” he said.

Others, though, are pushing back, citing financial hardship, which allows some workers to stay off the clock as talks in Washington continue.

With the bills piling up, Giles says something needs to be done. “I don’t know what the tipping point is going to be, but there has to be one, and it has to be soon.”

Tax filing season begins Monday, and they’re due April 15.

President Trump and his administration have vowed refunds will go out on time.

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