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INDIANAPOLIS — With the pandemic forcing some Indiana schools to go all virtual, it’s left some extracurricular activities struggling to operate.

Instead of closing down, the Shortridge High School theatre program is getting creative for their upcoming play. They will be performing Clue entirely through Zoom. Director Shelby Myers was able to find an adaptation of the play that is redesigned for the popular online platform.

“It’s definitely based on the movie, so it is a virtual play, based on a play, based on a movie, based on a board game, based on a book,” laughs Shelby, ““Sometimes you will see one character, and it will focus on one character. Sometimes, you have two characters going back and forth, and sometimes it’s all characters on screen. Sometimes we have dead bodies falling on the floor, and sometimes when the lights go off, everyone will turn their cameras off. Using the camera as another character, how do you hand something to another person? This gives them the opportunity to be kids and have fun.”

Each student will perform in costume in their own home. They say it’s been an exciting challenge to figure out how to apply sound effects, and to utilize zoom for on screen interactions.

Clue is in a house, so I think that just works. Everyone gets to decorate their space to feel like their character,” says Shortridge senior Nova Esters while adding that this has given him a sense of normalcy during a difficult year. “This has helped my mental health a lot.”

The group has their first performance Dec. 4. To get tickets, you can head to the Shortridge High School Facebook page, and there will be a link to the event. The tickets will be sold through Broadway On Demand. It is free to sign up for an account on the website, and tickets are sold there.