SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — A man has been charged with multiple felony counts of child neglect after officers found multiple children outside wearing nothing but diapers last week in Shelbyville.

According to court documents, officers with the Shelbyville Police Department were dispatched to a residence at the intersection of E. Pennsylvania Street and Noble Street on Saturday, Nov. 11 after dispatch received calls reporting that small children were observed running around without any adult present.

Officers arrived at the area and found four small children wearing nothing but diapers, just as the caller described, according to court documents.

An officer reportedly protected one of the children from two dogs that were chasing it, according to court documents. The officer had to fend off one of the dogs as it attempted to bite, court documents said.

Booking photo of Logan Childers provided by Shelby County Jail.

A man, identified as Logan Childers, came outside after overhearing the officer shouting at the dog while holding one of the children, according to court documents.

Childers allegedly told officers that the children were under his care as the officers brought them towards the residence. Childers was, at the same time, reportedly “running around his yard and yelling at the dogs and the kids blaming them for getting out,” court documents said.

The officers decided to call the Department of Child Services to request a professional to conduct a wellness check on the children who were under Childers’ supervision.

Court documents said the officers decided this was the best decision considering that all of the children were completely undressed except for wearing diapers that were “saggy from being unchanged,” while playing outside unsupervised in cold temperatures.

Childers allegedly responded angrily when officers told him they were calling DCS, and began cursing at the officers and raising his voice.

Officers also smelled an odor resembling marijuana while interacting with Childers.

Childers proceeded to tell the officers that he did not live at the residence and that he was only there watching his two children, a three-year-old and a one-year-old.

While he was watching over the children, he told officers that he was in the kitchen and turned his head for “five seconds” when the children left the home.

Childers also told police that he and the children were the only occupants inside the home.

At this time, another woman returned to the home and reportedly told officers that Childers and his two children had been staying at the house with his girlfriend. Officers then entered the home as part of their investigation.

The woman told police that she and Childers’ girlfriend went to a nearby gas station to get a drink and asked Childers to stay back and watch the children.

Officers also reportedly found a blue glass pipe containing “burnt plant material” that officers believed to be marijuana. When one of the responding officers picked up the pipe, Childers allegedly told the officer the pipe was his. The residue of the pipe ended up testing positive for marijuana, court documents said.

Officers allegedly discovered two other males inside the home sleeping in different rooms despite Childers previously stating that nobody else was inside the house.

Officers had to repeatedly tell Childers to stop yelling and pacing back and forth while waiting for a DCS representative to arrive. This continued until officers placed him under arrest.

Childers was arrested and transported to Shelby County Jail where he was preliminarily charged with five felony counts of child neglect/endangerment, possession of marijuana (misdemeanor charge) and disorderly conduct (misdemeanor charge.)