Seymour woman shares how state trooper pulled her from sinking car

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SEYMOUR, Ind. —  It’s always nice to know someone is looking out for you. Two weeks ago along State Road 11 in Seymour, 23-year-old Megan Fleetwood had more than just one person on her side.

“One minute I'm on the road, next thing I'm in the water,” Fleetwood recounted.

While driving home from work, Fleetwood started having problems with her contacts. Her vision went blurry, and her car went off the road. She ended up in a pond with her vehicle was quickly sinking in nearly 10 feet of water.

“All that was going through my head was ‘Well, this is going to be bad,’" Fleetwood said.  “It was just genuine fear... I can't get out, just genuine panic.”

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with the Indiana State Police was working nearby when he got the call. He knew he was probably the closest to the scene.

"They said there's a female in the vehicle and the vehicle is in water, and that heightened our senses a little bit,” Wheeles said.

When Wheeles got there, Fleetwood's car was nearly submerged. Her windows and doors wouldn’t open, and the back of her car was the only thing in sight.

“When I approached the water and saw the car I realized how urgent the situation really was,” Wheeles said.

Another driver gave Wheeles a hammer. He swam out to the car, and with one swing, smashed through the back window.

“I hit the back glass, and I was surprised that in one hit the whole back glass shattered, it disappeared,” Wheeles said. "That was amazing to me. I knew I didn't have much time."

Fleetwood, who doesn't know how to swim, climbed out and Wheeles brought them both to safety.

“It was just kind of a blur from that moment until when I got in the ambulance,” Fleetwood said.

Wheeles and Fleetwood were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. There, the story took another twist. Wheeles was sitting in his hospital bed when another trooper came in and told him the woman he rescued said she knew him.

“They told me her name, and I knew right away who she was,” Wheeles said.

Wheeles says he was so focused on getting her out, he didn’t realize they knew each other through church. Faith may have brought them together, and maybe faith is also why they’re still here.

“My mom passed away last year," Fleetwood said. "We believe in guardian angels, I don't know how other people feel, but it was definitely like someone was watching over us.”

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