Several fire departments helped put out deadly Logansport house fire


Photo of Logansport house fire on November 28, 2018

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LOGANSPORT, Ind. — It took several Cass County fire departments working together to put out Wednesday’s deadly Logansport house fire, especially with it being in such a rural area.

Some of those firefighters included volunteers.

Cass County’s newly elected Commissioner and Burrows-Liberty Township Fire Chief Ryan Browning said those first responders are currently in the hearts and minds of everyone in the community.

“It’s always tough that have to work there, especially when there are kids involved,” said Browning.

First responders also battled the cold temperatures and strong winds during the Logansport house fire. Browning offered his assistance too.

“I reached out to New Waverly’s chief the morning. I heard about it and gave him a call to tell him I was thinking about him,” Browning explained.

Battling fires is like a brotherhood and they’re never going to let another fire station down.

“There’s mutual aid agreement and you know we have statewide mutual aid. If you get called you go and you help and anyone is willing to help. Whatever you need to do; we are here to serve the community and come together and do what we need to do,” Browning said.

Browning wasn’t at the Logansport house fire, but he didn’t have to be to feel the pain.

He said the fact that six people died, including four children, doesn’t sit well with not only him, but the Cass County community.

“You ask yourself why and we don’t know why? But when it comes around you know you just have to work and get through it and do the best you can,” Browning said.

He knows the men and woman who witnessed the fire firsthand are having a tough time understanding the tragedy, but he wants them to know he’s thinking about them.

“A lot of people don’t realize the amount of time and training that first responders put in to do what they do, especially with volunteer station where they do it for free. They’re volunteering their time to do it,” Browning said.

After Wednesday’s fire, all of the first responders will more than likely go through a debriefing – a chance for them to vent and talk about the fire to a counselor.

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