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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Among the Italian food, wine, and music at Indy’s Serata Italiana was talk of a great cause, raising money for the Nathan Trapuzzano Foundation.

“It is really heartwarming because they are total strangers, but they know my story and my family’s story. Hopefully they will also know the foundations story,” says Nathan’s mom Cheryl Trapuzzano.

Nathan Trapuzzano, a newly wed and father to be was shot and killed last year while out on a morning walk near West 16th street. Simeon Adams who was 16-years-old at the time of the murder admitted to shooting and killing Trapuzzano. Adams was charged as an adult for the crime and prosecutors expect him to serve 55 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

“It is very hard for us, very hard…” says Trapuzzano.

Now, his family is using their grief to help others, raising money for the Nathan TrapuzzanoFoundation which provides financial support for children who have lost a parent. Something that hits home for their entire family. Trapuzzano’s widow gave birth to a baby girl after he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery.

“In the short time that he was here, he touched a lot of lives. We would like to touch as many as he would have if he would have been allowed to live,” says Trapuzzano.

The Italian Heritage Society of Indiana stepped into help the Trapuzzano family raise money for the foundation. This is the first time IHS of Indiana has helped fundraise for an outside charity, but the group says they are so happy to help.

“It is so exciting to partner with the Trapuzzano foundation. It is such a worthwhile cause,” says Mary Grace Pennella of Indy’s Serata Italiana.