Scot Pollard dishes on ‘Survivor,’ playing role of the ‘big mean dude’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- People who don't know Scot Pollard might have gotten the wrong impression of him, considering "Survivor" made him into the bad guy.

But the former Indiana Pacers player said you have to be careful about taking things you see on TV too seriously.

“There was a lot of hate on social media, but most of it’s people who don’t understand that even though it’s ‘reality TV,’ it’s still TV. And I played a character on a TV show. I did what I did. I’m not saying that I didn’t pour water on the fire, clearly I did do that. But as far as was I mean the whole time? No! I’m a fun guy and I think anyone on the cast… they’ll say, ‘hey, that guy, he’s not just a big, mean dude.”

Pollard has watched every episode this season. But last night's episode--the first after he was eliminated--had a much different feel.

“Last night was a little different, just knowing that I was just going to be in the jury, watching, judging, mean mugging people as they said on social media. But that’s for the show,” he said. “They show the serious side of me on TV, and that’s fine.”

Would he recommend going on “Survivor?”

“I would say do it. It’s life changing. We’re having a baby because of it, our little ‘Survivor baby’ that’s coming tomorrow. It’s because I was on (the show) and gone for seven weeks. It changes your life. You’ve got to be a little bit crazy. You’ve got to be able to deal with all of these personalities on top of all of these elements. And it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.”

Pollard said his wife is considering going on the show once she has her baby. He wouldn’t want to appear with her because the producers would probably put them on different teams and pit them against each other, he said.

Pollard, who was almost pulled off the show twice, said he was never really scared because the medical staff was always close by to make sure no one was in actual danger. He called the medical staff “great.”

Pollard played 11 seasons in the NBA for five teams. In addition to spending three seasons with the Indiana Pacers, Pollard also played for Detroit, Sacramento, Cleveland and Boston. He was a member of the Celtics’ championship team in the 2007-2008 season.

Was it easier or harder to win an NBA championship than to win “Survivor?”

“Much harder (to win an NBA championship),” Pollard said. “It’s very, very hard to win ‘Survivor.’ I’m happy that I got to the final eight, but I played a lot of basketball to try to win an NBA championship. I played until my body gave out, but I got a ring.”

Pollard said his toughest opponent was Shaquille O’Neal, saying of Shaq in his prime, “it was tough to guard that big dude.”

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