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Gone may be the days of home remedies to try and get rid of the hiccups. A biotech company is now putting out a product to help cure the hiccups and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The “Hiccupop” is a lollipop designed to stop the hiccups. It was invented by a Connecticut woman who now runs Meter Health.

MJ Kievman told WTNH that she has worked on designing the lollipops for ten years.

“I’m deeply passionate about this. Yeah, I’ve been at it for a long time,” Kievman said. “When I was a kid about 12 years old, I developed what I now know were likely chronic hiccups, so I had hiccups for around three months.”

The effort began with research and testing solutions in her own kitchen, before then noticing something in the process.

“Very little tried and true remedies or products or solutions that were available, and that’s what kind of sparked this whole process,” Kievman said. “Because I think hiccups especially are one of these conditions that’s easy to look at as stupid or silly or minor or say, ‘this will just go away in time for everyone.’”

According to the “Hiccupops” website, hiccups “When certain nerves in your mouth, throat, or abdomen are irritated, your brain sends a signal to your diaphragm that tells it to contract.”

This irregular breathing pattern can be caused by certain foods, drinks, stress or other factors.

The ingredients in the lollipops reset that reflex, returning your breathing to normal.

The lollipops can be found at CVS locations across the country. Kievman’s company is currently working on FDA approval for hiccup-preventing pills that could soon hit the market.