Sanders vows to try to stop United Technologies from moving to Mexico at Carrier rally

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders took no time at all to go after United Technologies at the Carrier rally downtown on Friday.

“The greed of United Technologies is unbelievable. You really can’t make this stuff up,” said Sanders.

Sanders went on to talk about “corporate greed” and how United Technologies can afford to pay its new CEO more than $14 million, but yet they’re moving to Mexico and cutting over 2,000 jobs in Indiana to save money.

Sanders said if United Technologies moves to Mexico, “They must pay back all of the corporate welfare they have received from the taxpayers in this country.”

Sanders also spoke about the loss of manufacturing jobs in America as a result of NAFTA. “Since the passage of NAFTA, Indiana has lost 113,000 good-paying manufacture jobs.”

The Carrier union, United Steelworkers Local 1999, threw its support behind the presidential candidate earlier this month.

Sanders spent Thursday at a rally in Springfield Oregon, following his visit to Indiana University and Purdue University Wednesday.

The senator is vowing to fight on despite losing four out of five states to front-runner Hillary Clinton Tuesday night.

Sanders knows Indiana is a must win for him if he wants to compete with Clinton. He is spending a lot of time and money in Indiana and when asked if he thought it will pay off, “We have a path to victory, I admit that it’s a narrow path but we do have a path toward victory to win pledged delegates,” he said.

Sanders is more than 300 delegates behind Clinton and lacks hundreds of super delegates that have pledged their support to Clinton.

“A lot of democrats throughout this country and delegates to the convention are thinking about is which of the candidates out there is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump or any other republican nominee and the cold facts are, just look at all of the polling, Bernie Sanders does much better against Donald Trump and other republican candidates than does Hillary Clinton,” said Sanders.

Sanders’ message is resonating with the Indiana working class, but will it be enough to seal the deal on Tuesday?

“If elected president, you know what? We’re going to tell the Carriers and the United Technologies of the world, they just simply cannot throw American workers out on the street, move to Mexico, pay people there $3 and bring their products back into this country. Not acceptable,” said Sanders.

Not only does Clinton beat Sanders in delegate count, but she’s polling ahead of him in many upcoming primaries.

Politico is reporting that Sanders is scaling back some of his spending in the Hoosier state.

The senator’s campaign is also laying off hundreds of people, because Sanders says they don’t need that large of a staff now that the primary season is nearing its end.

“It means that we’re finished with 80% of the states in this country. We’re down to the last ten, we don’t need staff in Connecticut, Delaware, or New York State anymore, we’re going to focus our resources in the remaining ten states,” said Sanders to CBS4’s James Gherardi in a one on one interview Wednesday.

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