Safety measures added at Madison County intersection after crash


MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — There are now additional safety measures at a Madison County intersection where three teenagers were injured in a crash last month.

Neighbors have been calling for changes to the intersection of State Road 13 and County Road 800 for years now. At the time of the crash, CBS 4 talked to neighbors about what they want to see done.

At the time, an INDOT spokesperson said a traffic light will be put built in 2023 and that project could not be expedited.

Now, INDOT crews have added rumble strips and additional signage to the intersection.

Neighbors said it’s nice to finally get some attention on the intersection.

“I’m grateful that they have installed a few items to try and make it safer however being out here the day after installation doesn’t really seem like there has been improvement,” said Carrie Ashley, who lives near the intersection.

A spokesperson for the Madison County Sherrif’s Office echoed that sentiment.

“We like to think anything they do would be helpful, but we’re hoping to get some electronic signaling as soon as possible and hopefully we won’t have to wait until 2023,” said Chief Deputy Joey Cole.

Cole said speed, impaired and distracted driving, and failure to yield are all problems they see in this area.

Another nearby resident said she doesn’t think the new measures will really do much to improve safety at the intersection.

“I think the rumble strips are too far away,” said Tamara Castillion. ‘I think people forget and start speeding up again.”

Mallory Duncan with INDOT said the rumble strips will do a good job of remding drivers the intersection is in front of them.

”Just to alert drivers on State Road 13 that, ‘Hey, there is an intersection coming up, there may be cars crossing, there may be cars turning,'” Duncan said. “It’s just another added measure of awareness for drivers who are driving down State Road 13.”

Duncan said the plan to add the stoplight at the intersection of State Road 13 and County Road 800 is still scheduled in 2023.

According to Cole, two of the teens injured in the Nov. crash are still in the hospital, the other is recovering at home. Cole said the two in the hospital are making progress.

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