Safety measures crucial to prevent bounce house disasters

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NOBLESVILLE (May 26, 2015) – It was a shocking scene that now has many people thinking about their own family’s safety, after a water spout came ashore in Florida throwing a bounce house, with children inside, high into the air.

It’s the kind of thing Nathan Suddarth never wants to see.

Suddarth is the owner of Kid Zone Party Rentals in Noblesville, and he says incidents like these don’t have to happen, if people would only put safety first.

“The accident’s awful,” said Suddarth. “But I think it can be prevented fairly easy, simply by knowing the environment that you set up in.”

Suddarth says it’s crucial to use long stakes, or sandbags to hold the bounce house down.

“On a concrete setup, we’ll use 75-100 pound sandbags that will secure to the ground,” he said. “A strong wind gust comes, it’s gonna keep ‘em on the ground (and) they’re not gonna take off like a kite.”

Most importantly, Suddarth said people always need to follow instructions.

“(It says) right here, do not operate this ride if the wind exceeds 15 miles per hour,” he said. “Keep an eye on the conditions. Often times, we see a cold front coming through, or any type of wind advisory, we will call our client and tell them to immediately shut the bounce house down.”

Suddarth also says you want to make sure a company has insurance, and a good safety record.

“If you follow safety rules with any kind of party rental you will not have injuries at all,” said Suddarth. “This is one of those freak accidents that shouldn’t have occurred but it did.”

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