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Russell Taylor

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Jared Fogle’s child porn co-conspirator Russell Taylor claims in handwritten notes that the hidden cameras he installed in his home weren't installed to record nude videos of minors.

Taylor wrote a note to the United States District Court in Indianapolis from his jail cell in Florida, claiming he is broke, has no lawyer and is receiving little assistance in his legal matters.

"I am a prisoner in the BOC and do not have any money at all. I have no lawyer for this so I am writing the answers out for you. I have no other way to respond.," the letter reads in part.

Attached with the letter is Taylor's charging document, which has handwritten annotations from him, commenting on each charge and factor in the document.

In some parts, he points out what he believes are inaccuracies. Other times he confirms items or says he doesn't know.

"Frequently they have no choice but to represent themselves, and they don't often have access to computers, typewriters, printers, and those sorts of things," said John Tompkins, a defense attorney who is not affiliated with the case.

One of the items listed in the document says, "At some time between March 2011 and January 2015, Russell Taylor installed multiple hidden cameras concealed in clock radios positioned with the intent that they would capture various minors, including [victim], changing clothes, showering, bathing or engaging in other personal and private activities not intended to be observed or viewed by others."

Taylor replies, "I don't know."

The victim filed a lawsuit against Taylor in March, alleging that she was secretly filmed. She is seeking $150,000, but could be awarded more.

The document states that Taylor used the multiple hidden cameras concealed throughout his residence to secretly produce visual depictions of nude minors, and that Taylor distributed the videos to Fogle.

In response to this, Taylor writes, "This was not the purpose I set the cameras up for. The rest, I plead the 5th Amendment or don't know."

He goes on to say he doesn't know or plead the Fifth Amendment to a majority of the other items in the document.

Taylor also denies in handwriting several statements in the document, including:

  • A minor victim of Fogle and Taylor suffered personal injuries and is entitled to recover damages against them.
  • Taylor used multiple hidden cameras to secretly produce nude videos of the victim and other minors, then distributed them to Fogle.
  • Fogle encouraged Taylor to produce this content.
  • The minor victim will continue to suffer severe emotional distress and personal injuries.
  • The minor victim had a reasonable expectation of privacy while changing clothes, bathing, etc. inside the Taylor residence.

According to the court documents, his wife Angela Taylor was present during all of the victim's visits and she was responsible for the victim's care and supervision. On these statements, Taylor writes that he does not know.

Tompkins said civil cases often take much longer to resolve than criminal ones, meaning the matter could be tied up in court for years.

"It could take three to five years on a civil case, but if there are assets available, it could be settled relatively quickly too," he said.

Jared Fogle is currently serving a more than 15-year sentence in federal prison in Colorado. Russell Taylor is currently serving 27 years in federal prison in  Florida.

In April, a woman spoke to CBS4 saying Fogle wrote her from prison in Colorado.

Fogle's criminal attorney Ron Elberger is representing him in the civil matter.

Angela Taylor has not yet filed a response to the lawsuit, according to online federal court records. Meanwhile,  court records in Marion County show Russell and Angela Taylor remain married. Though divorce proceedings were initiated they were never finalized, and a judge formally threw out the case in July of 2016.

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