North side robbery turns into shooting when victims try to drive away from armed suspect

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indianapolis couple just narrowly avoided being killed during a weekend robbery.

The robbery turned shooting took place near 91st and College on the city’s north side.

The two victims work together at a nearby Whole Foods and were taking a break from their overnight shift when they noticed a suspicious person following them.

One of the victims was sitting in the front passenger seat of his car when the would-be thief ran up next to him.

“He came up to my window and said, ‘Give me everything you’ve got,’” said the victim who asked not to be identified.

The suspect then quickly fired one shot into the car, hitting the steering wheel.

“I actually heard the gunfire before I saw he had a gun. He was obviously ready to shoot,” said the victim.

Instead of handing anything over, the victim’s girlfriend quickly put the car in reverse, then shifted into drive and hit the gas. That’s when the suspect fired a second round breaking the car’s windshield.

“Her goal was to reverse and then go forward and hit the guy and that’s when he fired another shot through the windshield,” said the victim.

Instead of striking the suspect, the driver crashed into two parked cars. The couple then drove to this nearby fire station for help. The gunshot fired within inches of his face sent the man into shock.

“I was having a panic attack at the time and my arms were going numb. I couldn’t feel my arms. I didn’t know if I was shot,” said the victim.

Police always recommend people cooperate with armed suspects, although in this case the thief just narrowly avoided being seriously hurt, and the victim hopes the armed criminal learns that crime doesn’t pay.

“I do hope he’s caught, but I think we scared him enough for him to take a break from what he’s doing, because she did almost hit him with the car and pinned him,” said the victim.

Luckily, neither victims suffered any serious injuries, but anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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