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Did you know there are river otter in Indiana?

Historically, they thrived in Indiana and other surrounding states.

But by 1921, they were wiped out as a result of the profitable fur trade.

They were killed for their waterproof fur which was used to make gloves and hats.

In 1995, the DNR implemented a reintroduction program aimed at bringing river otter back to the Hoosier state.

More than 300 river otter were transported from Louisiana and released at 12 locations in Indiana.

They were placed on the state’s endangered species list so they couldn’t be hunted.

The reintroduction worked, and the river otter thrived.

They were removed from the endangered species list in 2005.

River otter can now be found in 80 of Indiana’s 92 counties. They are several reported sightings of river otter already this year at Spring Mill State Park, which is where this video was taken.

Because they’re so plentiful, last year the DNR began allowing hunters to trap the creatures.

The trapping season runs from November 15 until March 15.

Hunters are allowed two otter per trapper per season.

A maximum of 600 otters can be trapped in the state each season.