Rides at Marion County Fair inspected ahead of Saturday opening.


INDIANAPOLIS — The midway at the Marion County Fair is good to go for Saturday’s opening day.

The fair was originally set to open in May, but was postponed due to COVID-19. It is one of the first big events in the area since the start of the pandemic. Inspectors also say it is the first inspection for a traveling show so far this season.

“We’ve been doing the inspections at the fixed sites as far as Indiana Beach and Holiday World earlier this year, but for traveling shows, this is our first,” Matthew Cronley, Section Chief, Indiana Homeland Security Amusement Rides said.

Indiana Homeland security was on site Wednesday inspecting the rides. Only minor issues were discovered that will be addressed before the fair opens.

“Our inspections ensure that the rides are operating the way they should be so your children, your families, your friends, can get on these rides and know confidently they’ll be safe,” Cronley said.

People attending the fair can expect to see COVID-19 precautions including hand sanitizing stations, social distancing in lines, increased cleaning and health screening for workers and vendors.

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