Richmond Police search for suspect who beat married couple with brick

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RICHMOND, Ind. (Aug. 17, 2015) – Richmond Police are hoping to track down the man who illegally entered a home and beat a married couple with a brick.

Police were called to the 300 block of South West 17th Street just after 11 p.m., after one of the victims was able to call 911. The 54-year-old husband and his 62-year-old wife told investigators an unidentified man came into the house through a back door, carrying a brick.

“In speaking with the victims, they feel they possibly had a faulty latch,” said Richmond Police Detective Sgt. Michael Britt. “A door didn’t get latched all the way.”

The couple told police the suspect walked in and immediately hit the husband in the head with the brick without making any demands.

“The female in the other room heard the commotion, came out and as soon as she entered the room, she was struck,” Britt said.

The victims each sustained head injuries serious enough to send them to the hospital. They have since been treated and released.

After interviewing the victims, detectives believe the motive for the attack was theft. The crime may not have gone as the suspect planned. The only thing stolen from the home was the cash from the husband’s wallet. The suspect left behind other cash and valuables, including a one-ounce bag of marijuana which police found in the home as they were investigating the attack.

Richmond Police do not believe the crime was drug-related. It’s possible the suspect was expecting to find nobody home when he entered the house.

Neighbors say the husband normally works overnight on third shift, but he was at home Sunday night. It’s possible the suspect intended to use the brick simply to break a window. But when he found the back door unlatched, the brick became a weapon as he walked in to find the husband on the living room couch.

“Lovely neighbors,” said neighbor Joe McCarter. “Can’t believe that happened to them.”

McCarter said the incident has some neighbors shaken up, especially after a homicide that occurred about a block away last week. Detective Britt said the homicide stemmed from a domestic disturbance and was not related to the Sunday night attack.

“This appears to be a random act, and we reassure the neighbors that their neighborhood is still a very safe place to live,” Britt said.

McCarter also has a theory on why the house may have been targeted.

“She does play a lot of bingo,” McCarter said. “She may have went to a bingo hall Sunday night. She hit some money, somebody knew it and they followed her home.”

That’s one possibility detectives could explore. But they also have some solid evidence that was left at the scene. Detective Britt did not want to disclose the nature of the evidence, but he said it will be tested and will hopefully reveal the identity of the attacker.

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