Richmond community holds prayer vigil to show support for Dennis Intermediate students


Richmond community holds prayer vigil Monday night

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RICHMOND, Ind. – The Richmond community is still trying to come to grips of what happened last week.  That’s following what appeared to be an attempted school shooting at Dennis Intermediate School.

Monday night, the community held a vigil. There, one mom spoke out because she wants the community to shift their focus to the children.

Community members linked together Monday to pray for the children. They say it will take the entire community to remove the fear the children faced last week.

“Our community has to come together, or this will rip us apart,” said Erika Cappa.

As a mom to an 11-year-old student and a wife of a police officer who responded to the morning of the shooting, Cappa is worried for her city.

“School is one the few places they deserve to feel safe in and they will never have that back,” she added.

Cappa says, some people have made her son and his friends feel they’re to blame for the 14-year-old’s death, who shot and killed himself in the school.  “My 11-year-old is in tears,” Cappa said. “I have a friend whose daughter hasn’t left the house since Thursday, she’s terrified.”

Cappa says her son feels a lot of emotions and her family isn’t alone.

“He’s also dealing with the guilt that members of our community are pointing their fingers at the students and the staff that saved our children,” said Cappa.

Paul Burns is also a parent of a Dennis Intermediate School student.

“Because I had two daughters there that day and the one didn’t even want to come today because she’s still a little shook up,” he said.

Everyone there Monday wants this prayer vigil to be an example.  What Cappa says, was a show of support done the right way.

“The victims that day are the 600 students and the hundreds of staff members that go into that building every single day,” said Cappa.

Now, the community is working on rebuilding the community’s faith.

There will be no school for students at Dennis Intermediate Middle School Tuesday.  However, there will be counseling at the Boys and Girls Club from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, students will report to the high school for end of the semester activities that were already planned.  Buses will run as normal on Wednesday.

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