Residents, officials call I-69 roadway project ‘safety hazard’ following news of delay

BLOOMINGTON, Ind– Safety concerns over an I-69 roadway project are growing in Monroe County.

Residents and officials are expressing the concern after it was announced the project on the new section of interstate between Martinsville and Bloomington will not be finished until August of 2018.

While the delay is certainly cause for annoyance for people who live in the area, residents say they’re equally fed up with accidents and close calls along the stretch of highway.

“Just pulling out onto here, there have been a few accidents already,” said Julie Aubin.

City officials in Bloomington have also called the project a “safety concern,” citing numerous accidents and injuries amassed on the stretch over the years.

“There are often lane realignments that happen day to day. Even if you drive the road frequently, you can be surprised from one day to the next. We’ve had some real tragedies in the area and are very saddened by that,” said director of communications for the City of Bloomington Mary Catherine Carmichael.

A recent study by the Federal Highway Administration stated that most fatal crashes and injuries in work zones most often occur in the summer and fall months.

Bloomington officials like Carmichael say those are the exact issues they’re hoping to avoid for the remainder of the project’s construction.