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HENRY COUNTY, Ind. – Residents in Henry County are voicing their concerns over a wind farm proposal in various communities.

Texas based energy group Calpine Corp. has been looking at land in several locations in northwest Henry County to build multiple wind farms. The project would cost about $300 million. Landowners would get several thousand dollars for leasing their land for turbine use.

Exactly where the turbines will be built still remains an important question, one residents like Susi Eichhorn are wanting Calpine to answer.

“A lot of concerns on many levels,” Eichhorn said.

She helped start a movement called No Wind Farm Here. The group has more than 500 members who are opposed to the development of wind farms. Eichhorn said her mission is to educate land owners about the potential dangers of wind turbines.

“We felt the common homeowner would not know unless they were being approached by the wind farm people themselves, so we just wanted to make people aware that it was coming into their community,” she said. “Many people think they have health issues. There’s something called shadowflicker and the light strobe effect depending on if the sun is shining on it or behind the blades as they turn.”

Calpine said they’ve received positive feedback from landowners about the project. Eichhorn said she’s heard differently.

“I would hate to see it throughout the countryside. I enjoy looking at the fields and having the quiet country side and I just don’t think it would be very beautiful…it would take away from the beauty of the countryside,” she said.

Calpine said this project would be the first of it’s kind in Indiana. They’re hoping to get started by 2018.