Residents concerned about drivers speeding through Noblesville neighborhood to avoid traffic

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — One Noblesville community wants drivers to know, enough is enough. Residents say everyday a steady stream of traffic flies through their neighborhood.

They believe drivers are trying to avoid the restricted lane at 146th and Allisonville. Drivers are using their neighborhood at Kensington Drive to bypass it. Neighbors say they only see this issue getting worse.

The sign says 25 miles per hour, but homeowners say drivers are doubling that.

“Oh my gosh, I see people going 40 to 45 easily,” said Shauna Slusher. “This is not a highway, and people treat it that way.”

Slusher and her fellow neighbors say they can’t believe what’s happening in their neighborhood due to congestion on 146th Street.

“They’re cutting through yards, riding through grass, doing the U-turns, yeah it’s a mess sometimes,” explained Slusher.

Adam Radtke has lived in this neighborhood for 12 years. With three kids, he’s worried. But he’s says there’s only so much he can do.

“I motion for them to slow down, and sometimes I get a finger, and some people wave at me, it’s like – I’m not waving!” Radtke said.

We took these concerns straight to Noblesville police. After alerting the traffic division, police say they’re now going to monitor the neighborhood. The traffic division is going to try and figure out why this is happening, and what they can do to fix it before someone gets hurt.  Patrols will be stepped up during peak hours in the morning and night. Police want drivers to remember to slow down and be patient with construction.

“I would love to see speed bumps,” said Slusher. “Something that would detour people from trying to cut through. Something that will slow people down, because again, it’s a neighborhood.”

But before it gets better, more work is in the plan. The Hamilton County Highway Department wants to reduce the congestion by converting Allisonville and 146th into what’s called a grade-separated intersection. There’s also talks about a roundabout. Until that’s complete, concerned neighbors continue to beg drivers to be cautious.

“It’s not worth it,” said Slusher. “The few extra seconds you gain from flying down our street is not worth risking the life of hitting a child. It really isn’t.”

Radtke added, “Be careful, there’s kids everywhere.”

According to the Hamilton County Highway Department’s website, the preliminary design is underway for that intersection project. There’s no timeline as to when that project will begin.

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