Residents concerned about another bridge in Monroe County

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.– Residents are concerned about a bridge over North Adams Street in Bloomington and say if it doesn’t get repaired, someone could get hurt.

Anthony Eller said he drives under this bridge often. On Thursday, he pointed out cracks and large pieces missing from the bridge.

“I do not think it is in a state where it is going to fall down,” he said. “But I do see some red flags.”

It hangs over a relatively busy road in Bloomington. Eller said chunks of the bridge are falling off.

“I think these are things that should be looked into,” he said.

Eller said he is a former commercial concrete finisher. He claims white stuff hanging from the bridge is salt. To him, that is a red flag too.

“The rebar corroding causes fracturing than causes pieces to come loose,” Eller said.

Last week, residents told us about another bridge on Elwren Road in Bloomington. Some felt it was unsafe for people driving underneath it. William Moser, who lives right around the corner, said it looked like it was in need of repair.

“It is evident danger,” Moser said. “We find debris out here all of the time.”

The Indiana Rail Road  Company (INRD) is responsible for both of these bridges. Peter Ray, VP of Engineering, said public safety is a priority for Indiana Rail Road.

“The bridges are safe for rail traffic. We are looking into the complaints of falling concrete and if we determine that is occurring, we will make repairs to ensure the safety of motorists,” said Ray.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) said a Bridge Safety Specialist visited the bridge over North Adams Street in July. FRA said the specialist determined that the bridge is structurally capable of handling the current railroad loading.

FRA also said it recognized that the concrete deterioration will likely continue and will need to be monitored and/or repaired by INRD to avoid future problems.

FRA is not privy to the contractual liability between the railroad and the roadway owner for making bridge repairs. The agency does not have authority to tell INRD to make these repairs.

“I think you ought to do what is right and fix something that is yours,” said Josh Sample, an employee of Painters Supply & Equipment.

Sample works near the bridge on North Adams Street. He said every few weeks, a van will not clear the bridge and damage it.

Some hope an order for repairs get the all clear soon.

“They are running their trains through our city. I think they owe it to us keep people safe,” said Eller.

CBS4 reached out to the Mayor’s office in Bloomington. A spokesperson said the city does not have jurisdiction over the bridges so if you have concerns, they suggest you contact the Indiana Rail Road Company.

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