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ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson woman shot and killed a man suspected of breaking into her home overnight.

911 dispatchers received a call from a female homeowner in the 1300 block of E. 8th Street around 12:47 a.m. The woman told police there was a break-in at the home, and she shot the suspected burglar.

By the time police arrived, they found the alleged suspect dead in an upstairs bedroom.

With home surveillance cameras rolling, prosecutors insist a man forced his way into the woman’s home.

“Neighbors had videos of him parking in front of the residence and looking through windows, ultimately breaking through the door and pulling a weapon out,” said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings.

Prosecutor Cummings says the suspect could also be heard on video asking for money and pretending to be law enforcement.

“There was audio, and you could hear what he was saying inside. He said, ‘It’s the police.’ He was claiming to be police officer, but he had a mask on,” said Cummings.

After retreating upstairs, police claim the homeowner shot the suspect then ran to a neighbor’s house, and police were called.

“You know seeing it a few houses down, it’s unnerving for sure,” said neighbor Anthony Alfarano.

Anthony lives along 8th street and carries a firearm himself.  He believes, if the case is proven to be a home invasion, the woman had a right to defend her home and her children.

“Self protection is your right in your home,” said Alfarano.

“Inside a person’s house they can use deadly force, and that’s called the castle doctrine,” said attorney Mario Massillamany.

Attorney Massillamany, who isn’t involved with the case, also points out state lawmakers recently expanded the castle doctrine to provide even greater civil and criminal protections to homeowners.

“The castle doctrine in Indiana is a pretty strong law. You do not have a duty to retreat,” said Massillamany.

“In your home is probably the most protected place you can be,” said Cummings. “If you’re breaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night, if you don’t get shot or killed you should feel fortunate.”

For their part, Anderson police did not want to comment on the shooting but say the case remains an active investigation.

The Madison County coroner later identified the man killed as 40-year-old Jeffery Flowers.

The scene is just a few block south of Anderson University, although there is not believed to be a connection.

Note: The Madison County coroner originally said the man killed was 37 years of age, but later identified the man as 40-year-old Jeffery Flowers.