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CBS4 is spending Women’s History Month sharing stories of remarkable women in central Indiana.

It’s part of our Remarkable Women campaign, where we asked viewers to nominate the remarkable women in their life.

One of those women is Alta Skelton, who was nominated by her husband Rick Skelton. He says her relentless pursuit to help others is “inspiring.”

“So I decided to go back to nursing school at that point,” explained Alta.

She says her new career in nursing allowed her to follow her passion for helping Hoosiers be their healthiest.

“So I would take them to the gym, I would take them to the store, I would show them how to shop, what healthy things to eat. So that’s how the journey started.”

Alta then made the transition from nursing school to medical school and a new dream of opening her own practice.

“What better person to come alongside her because I know her and I know what she wanted to accomplish,” said Rick.

Rick and Alta have been married for nearly 38 years, and Rick has always cheered his wife on from the sidelines — especially during dark times.

“When our daughter passed away, she [Alta] still had to take her final test soon after that,” remembered Rick.

The Skeltons lost their 6-year-old daughter while Alta was furthering her education.        

“To go through that as a family, it does either one thing – it either draws you closer or splits you apart. And it drew us closer,” said Alta.

Through it all, Alta was able to fulfill her dream and open her own practice under the name “Fully Armored.”

“We’re armed with everything we need to stay healthy. We just need to tap into that,” she explained.

It that’s passion and persistence that led Rick to nominate Alta as a remarkable woman.      

“There’s not a lot of people, including myself, that could grieve at the same time, but stay focused on completing the task that she had set out in her education for nursing. So that’s what really dug down deep with me again to to nominate her.”

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