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OWEN COUNTY, Ind. — CBS4 is spending Women’s History Month sharing stories of remarkable women in central Indiana. It’s part of our Remarkable Women campaign, where we asked viewers to nominate the remarkable women in their life.

It’s likely every person in Owen County knows of Dr. Barbara Diane Wells. She’s called it home for 45 years.

“For a lot of years, I was the only doctor in town, so did everything — everything that I could of course,” said Dr. Wells. “I was on call 24-7.”

Dr. Wells not only cares for people’s bodies, but also their souls.

“About 20 years ago, I started preaching at a little church, a little Methodist church,” she said.

Preaching and practicing medicine would fill up nearly everyone’s time, but Dr. Wells adds yet another job title: Owen County health officer.

“I’m in the office two long days a week, and then I also take care of two nursing homes. I’m medical director of two nursing homes, so I go to them two days a week.”

Dr. Wells leaves a mark on everyone she meets.

“She keeps us grounded in Christian beliefs, as well. She will pull us aside and pray over us and pray that the lord help us accordingly and what not,” said Allan McBride, who nominated Dr. Wells.

McBride works with Wells at the health department and lives nearby.

“I get up early in the morning, I mean early, and she’s always up before I am,” he said. “She comes home every night after me.”

Despite plenty of reasons to feel fulfilled, there are still holes in Dr. Wells’ heart.

“Even when I was 13, I lost my father in a car wreck,” said Dr. Wells. “Then just five years ago, I lost my daughter. She was hit by a distracted driver riding her bicycle.”

Still, Wells leans on her faith and encourages people to be kind.

“If you can be a drink of cold water, a word of encouragement, a nonjudgmental presence to the person that you’re with right now, then you’re healing people, you’re loving people, you’re helping them get through a hard time.”

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