Relief on the way for drivers stuck in traffic along Dan Jones Road


AVON, Ind. — Relief is coming for drivers in Avon. City officials say they are addressing an area of high congestion at the intersection of Dan Jones Road and County Road 150 South.

It did not take long for Ana Santana to see the traffic issues Dan Jones Road faces every school day.

“The traffic is huge here,” said Santana. “I have this specific time that I have to get out of my house and when I want to get out of my house I need to wait a long time for me just to get into this street here.”

Santana said she needs to back out of her driveway and onto Country Road 150S every day in order to take her daughter to practice after school. However, she said that is also the exact same time traffic becomes a nightmare.

“That’s my biggest issue,” said Santana. “I just want to back out of my driveway and not have to wait five, six, 10 minutes even for people to give me space for me to back it up and just leave the house.”

“I’ve experienced it,” said Avon’s Public Works Director, Stephen Moore describing a time he was stalled on Dan Jones Road near CR 100S. “That’s about a half a mile! It backs up all that way.”

That is why he said city officials are already working towards several solutions.

“We have new signal timings coming and I was promised that I would get them by this weekend,” said Moore.

In this Facebook post, officials say traffic studies have already been completed to adjust for growing traffic volumes:

Moore said they are now just waiting for a third-party engineering company to finalize the stoplight’s new timing schedule.

“The firm that we’re using is a small, local firm and he’s just swamped right now,” said Moore.

Still, he said updating the stoplight’s programing is only a temporary fix. Moore said the road’s current design is now outdated as Avon continues to grow.

“We want to facilitate that growth and this is one way to do that,” said Moore. “We do have a project, actually two projects – phase one and phase two, for Dan Jones to be widened to four lanes and this [intersection] will be a roundabout.”

Phase I and Phase II of the proposed Dan Jones Road project.
Courtesy: Jared Wade – Communications Director for the Town of Avon

Moore said the plans have already been submitted to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization to fund the Dan Jones project. He estimates phase one will cost roughly $5 million, while phase two will cost $8 million.

“We’re doing the best we can with this. We’re going to optimize the intersection,” said Moore.

Moore said plans are being submitted for FY2023-2024 and construction could start as early as 2023 if approved.

“I wish it could start right away,” said Santana. “But if the time of the stoplight could increase or decrease that would be really nice for us, for me, in the meantime.”

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